HalseyYoung God

Why've you even got a telephone?
(I only fuck you to feel less alone)
We've got a few more hours till we have to go home.

(He's wasting his time trying to get her alone)
I've had way too much to drink.
Have you got me on your mind?
There's blood all over the kitchen sink.
(Is it yours or is it mine?)
You write everybody's favorite songs.
I've fucking loved it all along.
Laugh loud.
Look now.
I hate that you always put dope in your head.
I preferred it when you let the sun wake me instead.
Tired eyes.
With body bags.
Glass of wine.
Expensive tags.

Are you a god yet?
Are you a young god yet?
Are you a young god yet?

Do you feel like a young god yet?