Lil WayneAll About

like father like son....we got joey crack ridin wit us this time i smell murder..

young desperado straight out the graddo,
im so bad, my shadow chooses not to follow,
lil nigga, but see me as a fuckin rhino,
lil weezy hit this bitch like rocky Marciano,
its a drought aint it? how the fuck would i know?
nigga i've been gettin my share (cher) like snny bano,
i ran the streetz....check out my bio,
i started high wit two O's just like ohio,
im fuckin nuts....cashews,
but im so DC like fat shoes,
i skate laterr dudes,
never get caught baby im mashed potato smooth,
and just when it stopped....i made it move,
respect me nigga im a Asian food,
i wet up the party so have a bathin' suit,
and daisy dukes you bitch ass nigga